Khai Island Snorkelling

Khai Island Snorkelling

Khai Island The three islands of Koh Khai Nok, Koh Khai Nai and Koh Khai...
Only 1,900 THB

Phuket Safari Tour

Phuket Safari Tour

These tours are a great way to see more of the real Phuket...
Only 2,000 THB

Horse Riding Tour

Horse Riding Tour

Have you been dreaming of riding a horse through the jungles or...
Only 2,100 THB


Bubble Maker

Bubble Maker

Bubble Maker program 8-10 years, Diving is not something just for adults. Diving is for people of 8 years and above. The instructors in this program are hand picked for their ability to make the day fun but above all safe. First off we have the Bubble Maker program. This is for children from 8-10 years. What we do here is join a real dive boat going to Racha Yai island to the south of Phuket. The instructor will will explain all about how to dive safely and the golden rules of safe diving. Next we will try on all the equipment ( child sized) and learn how it all works and what it does. Next we will learn and practice couple of safety skills on the boat to make sure we know all we need to do our days diving like clearing the mask and regulator. Then learning the importance of equalizing and never holding our breath. The dives will begin in a shallow bay full of coral reef and hundreds of reef fish and with any luck Nemo. The water will be shallow enough to stand in until we have the confidence to swim underwater. The maximum depth of the dives are 6 feet (2 meters) which if more than enough to see plenty. The instructor will guide you round the bay showing you all the different tropical fish as you go. The instructor will encourage you to dive by yourself but never being more than an arms length away to assist if needed. The dive will be for a maximum of 50 minutes before returning to the boat for lunch. During the buffet style lunch the boat will move to a second location for the next dive. The second dive will follow the same rules as the first beginning nice and shallow but with the confidence from the first dive we will soon be off round the bay exploring the underwater world.



07.30 AM

Pick up at your hotel.

08.15 AM

Meet instructor at Chalong.

08.30 AM

Depart Chalong. and have breakfast on the boat.

10.00 - 10:20 AM

Arrive at Racha Yai Dive number 1

11.00 - 11.20 AM

Back on the boat for lunch.

12.30 PM

Dive number 2

01.30 PM

Boat departs Racha Yai

03.00 PM

Arrive Chalong.

03.30 - 04.00 PM

Arrive at hotel.

Bubble Maker

Price includes

  • Return transfer
  • Breakfast, lunch, tea, coffee, chocolate, water
  • All equipment and certificate.


Bubble Maker4,500 Baht

Bubble MakerBubble MakerBubble Maker


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